FM PREMIERE: The unique sound of ‘Mind Frame’ by Meredith Louise

“Mind Frame serves as a reminder that we can change our perspective at any time."
3 March 2023

Singer-composer Meredith Louise releases her new single, Mind Frame. Her upcoming debut EP is scheduled for March 31 and its title track features a superb blend of soft jazz and neo-soul sounds, catchy grooves and meaningful lyrics

Meredith Louise, originally from Melbourne, Australia, resides on the unceded lands of Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh (otherwise known as Vancouver). She is a versatile artist and music therapist.

Produced by Josh Eastman (Helm Studios) and mixed and mastered by Sam Brawner (Moonchild, Mac Ayres, Raquel Rodriguez), Mind Frame has a unique sound that combines jazz, R&B, and pop – it’s the perfect complement to its empowering message of self-determination.

Meredith Louise said about the track: “Mind Frame serves as a reminder that we can change our perspective at any time. In this world of noise, uncertainty and chaos, it’s easy to feel pushed off course into anxiety and fear. But if we go within, the pathways to freedom, connection and joy can be found.”

Her latest single is a great continuation of her first song, No More Hiding. Both tracks are presented on her debut EP, aptly named Mind Frame.

With this new release, Meredith’s signature sound and powerful voice, combined with her brilliantly beautiful lyrics, will take us on an exploration of the human condition.

She’s always been captivated by stories and the unique ways we can find connection through them. His music is inspired by the people, places and even the environment around it – always trying to guide us to our own truths.