FM premiere. The Leaning’s ‘Orange Night’

"Home recordings were taken to Metway Studios where Jimmy Day has a room filled with analogue synthesisers and a neve desk"
4 April 2024
Photo by Sam Morgan

Brighton’s musical landscape is known for its diversity, and at the forefront of its vibrant scene lies the enigmatic duo, The Leaning. Comprising vocalist and songwriter Sam Jordan and guitarist and arranger Ez Stone, The Leaning is synonymous with their distinctive blend of psych-noise-surf pop. Their return with the eagerly awaited EP, The Orange Night. This is the intriguingly apt visual for Orange NightBlue Version.

Known for their captivating live performances, The Leaning has amassed a devoted following, consistently selling out headline shows in Brighton and London. Their ever-evolving lineup adds an element of unpredictability, ensuring each gig is a unique experience that keeps audiences engaged.

Produced by the acclaimed Jimmy Day, whose credits include collaborations with Massive Attack and Rósín Murphy, The Orange Night encapsulates The Leaning’s signature sound. The EP weaves rich alternative textures with electronic elements, folk nuances, and psychedelic undertones, all underscored by Sam’s emotive vocal delivery.

Photo by Sam Morgan

At the heart of the EP lies themes of labor, estrangement, and the juxtaposition of togetherness, all set against the backdrop of maritime imagery and the hum of container ships.

Reflecting on the EP, the band shares: “This collection was written and recorded in an apartment overhanging Portslade Harbour, a spot with coloured sunsets most nights, the sun collapsing into the grey sea. The background noise to this E.P is the longing and delivery of summer’s promise before the return of winter’s dark and stormy seas – in continuum. Amongst it also is the slog of manual labour and the working condition, the feeling of estrangement with togetherness, the water and the container ships. Home recordings were taken to Metway Studios where Jimmy Day has a room filled with analogue synthesisers and a neve desk.” 

With a track record of sell-out shows and performances alongside esteemed acts like The Last Dinner Party and Gaz Coombs, The Leaning has firmly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with. As they continue to carve their niche in the musical landscape, The Orange Night stands as a testament to their artistry and vision, solidifying their status as ones to watch.