By Vee D

We are extremely pleased to premiere Italian quintet The Ghibertins’ stadium-ready single The First Day on Earth right here on Fame Magazine!

The single starts off with a wistful alt-country vibe before storming in with a raucous pop-rock-infused chorus that is bound to get crowds going instantly. Fans of the likes of The Black Keys and AWOLNATION will feel at home here.

Talking about the single, frontman Alessio Hofmann explains, “’My First Day on Earth’ represents the birth of the character within our concept album and consequently the first decade of his life. The first verse and the first bridge of the song are deliberately warm and comforting to symbolize the maternal womb. The chorus then comes in forcefully without warning in an almost traumatic way to symbolise childbirth. On a thematic level, the song paves the way for the descending parable of the protagonist.”

Hailing from Milan, the band consists of Alessio (voice & acoustic guitar), Lorenzo Rivabella (electric guitar), Lorenzo Di Blasi (keys) Marco “Marva” Vaghi (drums) and Luca Losio (bass). My First Day On Earth is the third single off the forthcoming album The Life & Death of Joh Doe, due for release in 2022.