FM PREMIERE: TECH IT DEEP – Reviving 90s Magic with ‘Aisha’

"Inspired by the 90s Algerian-French original. I spiced it up and made it specifically for the dance-floors"
10th November 2023

In the realm of electronic innovation, Amsterdam’s forward-thinking DJ/producer, TECH IT DEEP, takes pride in paying homage to the 90s classic Aicha by Algerian artist Khaled. In this new rework TECH IT DEEP adds a contemporary twist to create a pulsating tech house anthem. The heart-thumping club track is a testament to the producer’s confidence and creativity, showcasing him at the zenith of his musical prowess.

TECH IT DEEP, also known as Essam Jansen, shares insights into the inspiration behind ‘Aisha.’ Drawing parallels with his previous hit Maria, which garnered over 42 million streams on Spotify and 1.5 million YouTube views, TECH IT DEEP describes Aisha as the sister track, inspired by the 90s Algerian-French original, “I spiced it up and made it specifically for the dance-floors, hope you enjoy it”​ he enthuses.

Essam Jansen, the mastermind behind TECH IT DEEP, traces his musical journey from being the youngest promoter in the Dutch music industry to his current role as a rising star in the electronic music scene. With a portfolio of successful festival and club concepts like Don’t Let Daddy Know, TIKTAK, and Kingsland under his company EA Events, Essam reached the pinnacle of his career as a promoter before redirecting his focus to his artist career in the summer of 2022.

Reflecting on this pivotal transition, Essam emphasizes his decision to embrace his passion for music and step away from promoting. “The past few years have taught me to live life to its fullest potential, and my love for music led me to the decision to step away from promoting, and dive into the depth of my musical career. Being an artist is what makes me feel most alive, and closest to Source. Afterall, music is as old as time, and so connected to love and light, that’s what I want to focus on. The rest is just peripheral in this industry”. he declares.

TECH IT DEEP believes that music knows no boundaries, genres, or rules. In his words, “Good music is simply good music.” Rejecting the confines of conventional norms, Essam champions the idea of pushing boundaries and exploring the depths of creativity.

With TECH IT DEEP, he seeks to traverse the spectrum of sonic possibilities, blending convincing rhythms with beats infused with hip-hop and soul samples.