Hailing from San Diego, California, the eclectic Swiss/Italian artist and producer Tatum Rush, premieres and glows with this impressive remix – courtesy of Tsunano (Barclay from Shanghai – of his fresh and complex yet fetching tropical/Brazilian bliss called ‘Bahiana’. The track was written by Tatum Rush and Nancy Deleuze (Swiss-Brazilian recording artist) in Lausanne.

“The story behind Bahiana – explains Tatum – was as inspired by reminiscences of images and sounds caught travelling in Northern and Central Brazil. I had in mind atmospheres like the annual ceremony for Yemoja, the Goddess of the Sea, where women in white dresses walk into the sea offering flowers and champagne to the wind. Passing glances of lovers on scooters in the neighbourhood of Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro…”.

28 November, Auditorium Flog w. Frah Quintale, Florence (IT)
20 December, Hiroshima Mon Amour w. Frah Quintale, Turin (IT)
17 January, Eurosonic Festival, Groningen (NL)
25 January, Gaskessel, Bern (CH)