FM Premiere | Streets of Roya’s ‘If Only’

Hailing from from L.A. , Zurich, Switzerland-based cryptic project Streets of Roya, return and glow with stunningly relevant Alt-Pop gem called ‘If Only’.

A smartly smooth tune that “perfectly captures the sound of a hopeful yet desperate and captive mind racing through the valleys of life.”

The band explain: “Sometimes it’s a challenge to not get caught up in the regrets of life. wanting to go back in time can be tempting and sometimes your mind is taking you back. For the better or worse.”

“We started working on (debut EP) ‘a bad companion’ early 2018 prior to the release of ‘Prisoner’ but it took us almost a year until it felt complete; until we had the first part of the story. “

“The songs won’t provide answers. no solutions. no quick fixes. But it’s a confession to yourself. Acknowledging where you’re at in life. And somehow this is all we can do right now. And it might just be a good start.”

Debut EP ‘a bad companion’ due out March 15th.