FM premiere | Stevie King ‘Blue Car’ video

Hailing from Ecuador, London based musician, Stevie King, showcases his ability for sleekly engaging pop songwriting, with debut single ‘Blue Car’, which was recorded at London’s Metropolis Studios.

The 21-year-old, explains: “Blue Car’s story is based on this kid who had plenty of family issues which led him to live a life of excess – in alcohol and other substances. As a
consequence, it leads to feelings of repression, obsession and anxiety.”

The self-taught musician, reveals: “Since I was a child, I’ve always had a passion for music. In my early days as a musician I was member of a Pink Floyd cover band which played various gigs in my home town. We did a pretty decent job paying tribute to my biggest musical influence.”

He adds: “Being able to record for Metropolis Studios has been a great honour for me as five years ago I was performing Blue Car in a tavern in Ecuador for a very small crowd. It is very exciting to be able to release my music in such a historic market in the music industry. Hopefully, the audience likes my music and we can build a great relationship.”

Reflecting on the magic of the songwriting process, he says: “The moments I most enjoy when writing a song are when melodies start to come together and I feel that the track has
the potential to capture the audience’s attention. Most of my songs are written about hypothetical scenarios which I feel drawn to.”