FM premiere. Starita unveils mesmerizing video for ‘Holding Pattern’

"Given the theme of being stuck in a pattern, there had to be a significant amount of tension and an almost hypnotic quality in the sonic elements"
25th January 2024

Starita, an artist renowned for his diverse talents as a songwriter and producer and his collaborations with A Tribe Called Quest, Los Amigos Invisibles, and Michael Franti and Spearhead, continues to enchant audiences worldwide.​ Starita’s newest release, the captivating video for Holding Pattern from his impressive album Remember, mesmerizes with its hypnotic geometric imagery.

Crafted by Tam Akiko, this visual bliss seamlessly aligns with the single, highlighting the profound blend of electronic and acoustic influences in the song, a reflection of Starita’s extensive expertise in dance, ambient, funk, rock, and techno music.

The single Holding Pattern stands out as an afro house, late-night club track. It’s an introspective piece about breaking free from mental patterns. Starita used tape loops and effects to create a hypnotic soundscape, making it the most dance-oriented song on the album, resonant of artists like Dennis Ferrer and Orbital.

Starita explains: “Given the theme of being stuck in a pattern, there had to be a significant amount of tension and an almost hypnotic quality in the sonic elements, which you will hear in the song’s opening. As with any breaking of a pattern, there is a feeling of release so the song evolves this way; from tension to release.”

Holding Pattern​, released by Be Still Records, a division of Starita Music, i​s accompanied by a special edit Holding Pattern (Jay-J’s Shifted Up Edit), is a product of Starita’s collaboration with GRAMMY® nominated producer and DJ, Jay-J. The album Remember delves into the theme of death, continuing the introspective narrative established in Starita’s ambient, experimental album The Wake Up Call. Starita describes Remember as a sonic journey ranging from dance tracks to ambient compositions with thematic vocals.

Unique to Holding Pattern is its creation method, blending tape and analog instruments with electronic elements. Starita describes the process as organic and cathartic, channeling creativity through live tape loops and a mix of instruments.​ The final production vision was realized with Jay-J’s expertise in mixing and mastering. Jay-J envisioned a DJ and club-friendly edit, resulting in ‘Holding Pattern (Jay-J’s Shifted Up Edit),’ an Afro-tech house track with an uplifting yet moody undertone.

Starita reveals: “I’ve been exploring different ways of creating music live using tape loops, a felted piano along with several analog synths and effects units. The basis of this track was created entirely live and channeled on the spot. Whatever flowed through me, I would create a loop out of it with a Tascam 4-track tape recorder,” Starita continues. “Once I had something going, I would jump from one instrument to the next adding more textures, parts, and effects. All of these elements were running into my 24-channel mixer so I would bring in different parts at times. It’s a very organic and cathartic way of creating because everything is happening through me rather than from me.”

Available across digital platforms, these tracks highlight Starita and Jay-J’s innovative approach to music production, blending live instrumentation with electronic beats to create a captivating dance experience.

About Starita:
A Mississippi-born artist with 2-time GRAMMY®/Latin Grammy recognitions, Starita is celebrated for his genre-blending style and collaborations that have topped Billboard charts, achieved RIAA Gold certification, and garnered GRAMMY® and Latin Grammy nominations.

About Jay-J:
Jay-J, a GRAMMY® Nominee with over 200 releases, is a renowned producer, DJ, and influencer in the dance music world, known for his work with artists like Alicia Keys and his influence in clubland music programming.

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