FM PREMIERE: ‘Soul Cry’ by Asya is both melodic and inspiring

'Soul Cry' not only reflects the challenges I've faced but also embodies my plans and aspirations for the future."
30th June 2023

Asya returns with a seductive song, Soul Cry. Her previous releases have already been streamed by tons of people, and this latest creation is bound to be a hit too. Get ready to jam out to some soulful feel.

UK artist Asya is only twenty-three, but she’s already making a big impact with her chilled R&B and hip-hop style. Her music is super eye-catching and has a really cool ambiance.

This new song effortlessly mixes soft R&B vibrations with a sleek and alluring rap flow, showing Asya’s incredible talent and exciting offer.

Asya herself explains what inspired her to create the single: “When I first heard the beat in the studio, I immediately jumped into the booth and started freestyling. The concept for the song came to me instantly, and I wanted it to be a symbol of my ‘come back’ after taking a year-long break from releasing music. ‘Soul Cry’ not only reflects the challenges I’ve faced but also embodies my plans and aspirations for the future.”

It’s a journey filled with resilience and ambition that will completely captivate you. This artist is not afraid to be herself and she is ready to take over the world with her own unique sound.

She’s got some serious determination and her artistic journey has been shaped by amazing artists like Jhene Aiko and Juice Wrld.

Look out for Asya, who continues to captivate audiences and make her mark in the industry.