London based “group of friends” Somedays – Vittorio Jacobacci (vocals), Eugenio Jacobacci (guitar), Jerome Rupf (guitar), Matt Miller (bass) and Eliseo Provezza (drums) – premiere on FM their thrillingly raw nonetheless catchy and subtly Strokes-esque track, called ‘When We Left’.

Frontman Vittorio explains…”‘When we left’ is one of our oldest songs, it comes from a very lighthearted and playful place and it really embodies who we are as a band: a group of friends, living together and experimenting with sounds and rhythms… To us, rock n roll isn’t about being understood, but rather enjoying what you are living through, even if you can’t understand it…

…If youth is like having plenty of ink and blank pages then ‘When We Left’ is about using it all just to make paper planes”

‘When we left’ is produced and mixed by Ian Flynn of Werkhouse Productions.

See the Somedays live
4th October – the Hope and Anchor, London