FM premiere. Sohodolls reignites with ‘What Kinda Love’

"I wrote this song when I was in a bad place in my life. I had put on a lot of weight during my pregnancy, suffered from insomnia and anxiety, was out of a record deal and suddenly didn't have the day job I'd always had"
29 February 2024

A tale of resilience and rebirth

The story behind Sohodolls’ new single, What Kinda Love, strikes a deep chord. Born from the intense emotions and challenging periods in the life of lead songwriter Maya Von Doll, this song serves as a powerful tribute to the enduring strength of the spirit. Facing personal trials such as unemployment, battles with mental health, and the hurdles of becoming a new parent, Maya reached a pivotal moment. The emergence of a worldwide lockdown loomed, posing a severe risk to her dreams of continuing her music career.

Yet, from this darkness emerged a song that captures the essence of despair and transformation. What Kinda Love begins with a raw, gritty energy before diving into the dark, pulsating rhythms that are the hallmark of Sohodolls’ sound. The track weaves a seductive blend of goth and synth-pop, ensnaring listeners with its infectious hooks and the band’s signature atmospheric depth.

Her journey from despair to creative resurgence is encapsulated in the lyrics, which speak to the power of imagination as a means of escape and self-acceptance.

Maya Von Doll opens up about the song’s origins: “I wrote this song when I was in a bad place in my life. I had put on a lot of weight during my pregnancy, suffered from insomnia and anxiety, was out of a record deal and suddenly didn’t have the day job I’d always had. I had handed in my notice at my London office and was interviewing for new roles in the City when lockdown hit. I’d got to the final round of interviews for a finance firm and was banking on having a new career adventure but that all evaporated with Covid. I felt I was now in a lockdown within a lockdown. I had no music studio so I’d write this song on my walk to the supermarket in a scruffy tracksuit feeling invisible and like an utter unemployed failure. This was months before Bang Bang Bang Bang went viral giving Sohodolls a new lease of life and a new record deal.”, 

This twist of fate brought new life to the band, inspiring a series of successful singles and a reinvigorated presence in the music scene.

Behind the scenes, What Kinda Love benefited from the collaborative genius of Otabek Salamov (Needshes) and the production powerhouse Future Cut, known for their work with Lily Allen, Shakira, and Rihanna. The track also draws unexpected inspiration from Billy Ocean’s 80s hit, reinterpreted through Maya’s unique perspective to reflect a reversal of power dynamics and desire.

Maya reflects: “how drained, weak and unfit you feel post-pregnancy, poorer and despondent. And with that came the fear that I was no longer independent, attractive nor strong. I had been feeling for a while that my dreams were over. I didn’t think I could ever find love nor be successful. So I thought ‘All of my excitement will now have to come from my imagination because it could never happen in real life’. And then I thought about that thought – the power I have always had to retreat into my mind and escape or exist there. I would pass attractive people that I would never meet and I thought it would be great to write lyrics about an invisible person relishing in her power of imagination. In it she could have anyone and do whatever she wants with them. She could also be the version of herself she accepts.”

What Kinda Love unfolds as a personal story of triumph and renewal, presented by Filthy Pretty and A&G Records. This track shines as a guiding light for those traversing the intricate paths of contemporary existence, affirming that within our deepest challenges, there exists the opportunity for grace, creativity, and revitalized affection.