FM premiere. Sofi Vonn: Exploring new horizons with ‘Contagious’

"As my first single of the year, it feels right to put this queer love song out off the back of how my 2023 ended"
5th February 2024

London-based and New York-born ​emerging singer-songwriter Sofi Vonn is breaking new ground with her latest single, Contagious. This vibrant track heralds the dawn of her forthcoming EP, slated for release in June 2024, and marks a significant chapter in Vonn’s burgeoning career.

Described by Sofi as a “queer love song,” Contagious encapsulates her reflections on authenticity and the desire to create music that resonates deeply with her identity and experiences. This release comes on the heels of a momentous occasion where Sofi was invited to perform alongside Sophie B. Hawkins in London, a recognition that has fueled her drive to stay true to her artistic vision.

Vonn explains: “As my first single of the year, it feels right to put this queer love song out off the back of how my 2023 ended. Following my November release, a cover of Sophie B. Hawkins‘ “Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover,” Sophie and her team invited me to perform the song up on stage with her at her London show. It was surreal to get that recognition from her and her audience, a few of which even recognized be before I went on. The whole experience got me thinking about authenticity and how I want to present myself and my music moving forward to which I thought…I can’t go wrong with an original gay girl anthem.”

Sofi’s musical journey is as unique as her sound. Raised in New York City’s West Village by German parents and having spent her high school years in Zürich, Switzerland, Vonn’s eclectic background has shaped her into a versatile artist with an unmistakable voice. After earning a psychology degree from Tulane University and a stint in Berlin that reignited her passion for music, Sofi embarked on a career that has seen her DJ at festivals, work for BMG record label in New York, and graduate with a master’s degree in Popular Music from Goldsmiths, University of London.

Vonn’s dedication to crafting her music, evident in her hands-on approach to songwriting, sets her apart in the industry. Her songs are a rich tapestry of her life’s experiences, blending deep lyrics with light melodies to narrate the universal themes of love, sexuality, and societal observations. It’s this authenticity and depth of emotion that have endeared her to a growing fanbase, eager for her explorations into love and life through music.

Following the triumph of her recent hits, including Losing Control which soared to the TOP FIVE on the UK Dance Chart and secured a spot on MTV’s rotation for eight weeks, Sofi Vonn is no stranger to the limelight. Her tracks Ping Pong, Rumors, and the 2022 single Famous have captivated audiences worldwide, amassing over 100k streams on Spotify and making notable appearances on platforms like TikTok, courtesy of McDonalds UK and Revolve.

As Sofi Vonn continues to perform across the UK, from intimate solo dates in London to school tours and eagerly anticipated festival appearances, she remains a figure of inspiration. Her journey from a psychology student to a techno DJ and finally to an acclaimed electronic pop artist showcases her resilience and versatility. With Contagious setting the tone for her upcoming EP, the music world is on the edge of its seat, waiting for what’s next from this remarkable artist.

Keep up with Sofi Vonn on her social media platforms for all the newest information on her music and forthcoming shows. As she forges her way ahead, Sofi Vonn isn’t merely dropping singles; she’s creating anthems that resonate with a generation yearning for genuine experiences and deep connections.