FM premiere | Slow Shudder remixes DeModa ‘Downtown Glow’ feat. Slow Shudder

NYC-based smart producer DeModa (real name David Johnson) shares his new 4-track EP, ‘Lucid Dreams’ (out now via Blind Contour Collective). Which includes sparkling collaborations with Slow Shudder, Foxtails Brigade and Kisos.

Now DeModa premieres on FM Slow Shudder’s remix of his breakout single ‘Downtown Glow’ feat. Slow Shudder…

The London based eclectic producer, DJ, vocalist, songwriter, explains: “I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with DeModa on “Downtown Glow”. We have been beyond stoked about the positive reception it’s received. When making my remix, I decided to strip away everything from the original and start from scratch to see what happened. I began by making the processed vocal bit that’s at the end, since that production technique has really inspired me recently – I’ve been listening to so much Bon Iver, Cashmere Cat, and Francis and the Lights.

That led me to thinking about representing the emotion and story sonically, so I used field recordings that I’d made in London on the Overground train for the sound design part at the beginning. I then invited my friend and super talented musician, Alfie Connor, to play guitar. He sent me a bunch of wicked ideas, which I rerecorded the vocals over.

I loved contrast of the sparse vibe of this compared to the original version I did with DeModa, so I deliberately kept the rest of the production minimal in the atmosphere, synths, percussion and vocal chop.”