FM Premiere | Skip Curtis ‘Wild Love’

‘Wild Love’ is the ideal prelude to Skip Curtis (one third of Welsh haze-pop band XY&O) lush offering. Out on 7th December via Electric MVM, ‘Wild Love’ showcases in full his knack for sparkling & intense songwriting, inspired by the desolate romanticism of the Welsh Valley…from which it started his rather intriguing ideological music escapism…”It’s a song – says Curtis – about desperation and desire. Searching, waiting and hoping for someone to sweep in and save you from whatever it is you need saving from.”

Citing Welsh poet David Hughes’ famous riposte ‘Ambition is Critical’ as a mantra to create music, Curtis reveals: “I never wanted music to be a way of physically escaping the Valleys. I love them. It was about escaping the stereotype. I was always trying to do something different; playing music and writing songs became my answer. They were and still are, my satisfaction.”