FM PREMIERE: Silverhours returns with the fascinating new song ‘Sad Letter’

"It is about inner beauty and emptiness, the power of the moment, and deep memories of the past”
12 May 2023

Silverhours is a London musician inspired by mathematical models of music and the wonderfully twisted electronic sound of Boards Of Canada. His musical style blends jazz and electronic, making it a truly fascinating alternative sound.

Silverhours returns with his second single Sad Letter from the upcoming LP, Madeleine Moment, which is out on June 9, 2023,

This song was influenced by the Haruki Murakami novels as well as Korean films. It all began with a little guitar strumming that was made to sound like an old vinyl record. Sad Letter was born.

The idea behind this song was to make it sound like an old record you’d find at a vinyl fair – warm, lo-fi vibes like a soundtrack for a movie that’s never been made.

Silverhours had some thoughts about the song: Sad Letter is one of my personal favourites. It is about inner beauty and emptiness, the power of the moment, and deep memories of the past.”

The string-laden Sad Letter ambience is similar to what you would hear in the contemporary classical music of Henryk Górecki and Jonny Greenwood making soundtracks of films.

Clare O’Connell, a master cellist, played the Cello part on this track and it goes perfectly with the programmed strings. She has also worked on Radiohead and Smile records before. Joining them were Clive Deamer from Portishead and Radiohead on the drums and Timothy Lefebrve who’s worked with David Bowie on bass guitar.

Just before Silverhours was about to send the track to his mixing engineer, he felt it needed more something extra. Completely out of the blue, he was listening to Miles Davis’ ‘Sketches of Spain’ and had an epiphany – the trumpet would be exactly what the piece needed. He found Joe Auckland, who’s performed with Mumford and Sons and The Pet Shop Boys, and had him guest on a trumpet solo in the coda part of the song.

For Madeleine Moment, Shuta Shinoda did the mixing, who’s worked with Hot Chip, Alexis Taylor, and Joe Goddard, while John Davis – known for his work on Gorillaz, The Killers and Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds – did the mastering.

Silverhours bagged the top spot in Nick Cave‘s cover competition back in August 2020. Nick Cave commented: “The deeply moving version of ‘Spinning Song,’ with its extraordinarily affecting home video footage, was such a strange, bold and emotional elevation of the original.”