FM PREMIERE: Shaynah captivates us with ‘Let That Go’

"Joined by Tiffany Gouché, ‘Let That Go’ delves into the interplay between the dream world and reality, our unspoken thoughts versus our spoken words"
5 October 2023

Rotterdam’s songstress Shaynah has released Let That Go, a fascinating R&B/neo-soul pearl featuring Grammy-nominated artist Tiffany Gouché. The track is a perfect first taste and preview of Shaynah‘s upcoming EP, Naked. This release marks the zenith of her musical trilogy, Chapter 22, scheduled to grace the airwaves at the onset of the upcoming year.

In Shaynah‘s own words, Let That Go is my second self-produced single (of the final EP, Naked, of my Chapter 22 trilogy) speaking on love, loss and finding my adult self through it all. Joined by Tiffany Gouché, Let That Go delves into the interplay between the dream world and reality, our unspoken thoughts versus our spoken words. Tiffany and I navigate the unspoken expectations in dating or meeting new people, embracing the ambiguity as we explore what we truly desire while trying to stay relaxed and going with the flow.”

​After dropping her earlier track, Fair Play, Shaynah captivates us once again with Let That Go, the leading single from Naked. This lush track allures with its sultry harmonies, contagious beats, and a meaningful message encouraging listeners to liberate themselves from traditional dating norms and welcome the unpredictable voyage of love.

Drawing inspiration from the golden era of R&B in the ’90s and ’00s, Let That Go stands as an anthem resonating with fans of luminaries like Brandy, Victoria Monét, and India Shawn. The track’s production is a testament to Shaynah‘s multifaceted talent, showcasing her prowess not just as a vocalist but also as a skillful producer.

Born into a symphonic realm, Shaynah‘s musical​ path was kindled by her virtuoso parents, who served as her guiding beacons. A maestro in her own right, Shaynah is not only a gifted vocalist and lyricist but has also delved into the intricacies of music production, weaving enchanting melodies for theatrical spectacles and musicals. Additionally, Shaynah has gracefully embraced the spotlight in various acting roles, solidifying her status as a pure creative force.

With Shaynah‘s expansive creative spirit, Let That Go takes listeners on a soulful journey, leaving a lasting impression on R&B/neo-soul aficionados and beyond.

Photos: Floor Besuijen