FM premiere. Presenting the captivating video for Set Feux’s debut single ‘Say It Again’

"Sometimes I feel unknown to myself and I’m searching for the world to reflect myself back"
26 January 2024

Toronto-based musician Diana Planche, known artistically as Set Feux, is set to release her dreamy and nostalgic debut album, Set Feux, on April 19, 2024. This self-titled work melds bittersweet pop with an array of lush vocal harmonies, ambient synths, guitars, and saxophone.

The debut single, Say It Again, captivates with its fusion of piano, compelling rhythms, and Planche’s airy vocals, creating an enchanting pop masterpiece.

Planche reveals that Say It Again and its fittingly evocative music video reflect on her inner complexity and a yearning for a spiritual connection lost since childhood.​  

Regarding Say It Again, Planche comments​. “Sometimes I feel unknown to myself and I’m searching for the world to reflect myself back. The song explores the theme of the multiplicity that exists in all of us. I think when I wrote the song, I was remembering the loneliness I felt in my childhood alongside a close spiritual connection. The song is partly about a longing to recapture some of that.”

The album as a whole showcases her diverse influences, from R&B/soul to pop/folk, inspired by artists ranging from Debussy to Dusty Springfield, Fleetwood Mac, Pat Benatar, and Solange. While acknowledging these influences, Planche maintains a unique artistic identity, honoring her personal and musical journey.

The album’s sound has been shaped by notable Canadian talents. Mixed by Howie Beck, a thrice Juno Award-nominated musician, mixer, and producer, the album features work with artists like The Weather Station and Charlotte Day Wilson. Mastering was done by Joao Carvalho, a Grammy-nominated engineer who has worked with Canadian luminaries like KD Lang and Carly Rae Jepsen.

Planche’s musical journey began in church choirs and community theatre, eventually leading her to Queen’s University for classical music studies. Her songwriting talents flourished post-university, culminating in a grant-aided debut album in 2009. Her journey continued as a singer and keyboard player for The Paint Movement (Nevado Music), releasing an album in 2011 and touring across Canada. In 2015, Planche expanded her horizons, touring Europe with Toronto singer-songwriter Barzin.

Returning from tour, Planche, along with collaborator Kevin Kralik and husband Barzin, began crafting Set Feux. Crafted over five years, the album was recorded in Toronto and Hamilton, exploring themes of love, passion, loneliness, and the journey towards self-discovery.

Set Feux stands as a tribute to Planche’s artistic growth, presenting a mix of reflective lyrics and captivating tunes that truly highlight her unique voice and style within the indie music landscape.