FM PREMIERE: SÄTILÄ’s Sleepless New Video 4AM

By Vasco Dega

Finnish alt-pop artist Sätilä is about to drop his brand new EP on the verge of something, and we have the premiere for his new video 4am right here on FAME!

on the verge of something is a collection of six tracks which showcase the breadth and depth of Sätilä’s music. Lead single 4am is a fusion of indie and synth pop with an anthemic chorus. “The song is about sleeplessness at night caused by worries of the future or life decisions” explains Sätilä,  “Personally, I feel like this has been more relevant now than probably ever before. I’m just about to graduate from university and try to find my place in this crazy world in this crazy time. These seasons of transition are sometimes the hardest.”

The song is accompanied by a beautiful video, depicting the restlessness of a sleepless night through dance, and starring the dancer Juan Tiardo. The video is directed by Glashier, who has worked with Bonobo, Dream Wife and Vök. It was filmed in Berlin in June, just as the city was emerging from lockdown.

We caught up with Sätilä to find out more about the release.

What inspired the title of the EP, ‘on the verge of something’?

For me personally, this whole project of making this body of work has felt like I’m on the verge of something. Not sure what it would be but there’s this anticipation for something good to happen, sort of tipping point where things go to the next level. I feel like some of the songs have that same feeling.

So you’re originally from Finland, studied in Australia, and then made the move to study in London. Do you feel like your travelling has impacted your songwriting?

Definitely, yes. Living in these different parts of the world has given me experiences I wouldn’t have had staying in my comfort zone in Finland. Being exposed to the music in Sydney and London has also freed my mind and opened up possibilities sonically I probably wouldn’t have discovered without being in these cities.

Tell us about the lead track 4AM – what inspired it, and what inspired the video?

This song has been around quite a while, we’ve played it live as well, but it wasn’t quite there yet until recently. The lyrics were originally set in a relationship setting but had the similar feelings of longing and doubt that it still has. I’m trying to voice my own journey to my future, which quite often means sleepless nights and worrying and having to justify my choices to myself and people around me.

The idea of the video is linked to the lyrics – sleeplessness, doubt, trying to free one’s mind from restrictions like the expectations of the society or our communities.

Any plans in the works to tour the EP?

Indoor gigs with restrictions are happening in Finland already but I don’t see it happening for me just yet. Instead, we’re working on a digital live experience which I’ll tell more about later. It won’t be the same as being in the room but it would be a great way to experience what Sätilä is like live and it wouldn’t have geographical restrictions.

What does the future hold for Sätilä?

There will be new music coming out early next year at latest. Hopefully we get to play live shows and tour next Spring. It’s quite hard to make any concrete plans at the moment but I’m starting to feel a little bit more hopeful about the future.