FM PREMIERE: Sara Lew reveals the perfect video for the delightful and dreamy indie song ‘Shady Light’

"It’s about standing together in a relationship even in a heavy storm when everything else is falling apart around you"
16 June 2023

Sara Lew grew up in Roskilde with a Danish dad and an English mom. She currently lives in Copenhagen.

After the release of Out Of Nowhere, Sarah Lew comes back with her new single Shady Light, delivering a casual and ambient atmosphere that is perfect for a peaceful reflection. It has a more relaxed feel than Out Of Nowhere, with soothing tones that lend themselves to introspection.

Shady Light is a charming and dreamlike indie song. It talks about staying together as a couple while growing and learning from each other even though life moves forward with new goals and aspirations.

Check out the video that goes with this track. It’s a fun mix of footage from a road trip around Denmark – all shot on home cameras.

Everyday life can become chaotic and tiring, but animation helps us to get away from it. Its fanciful artistic style creates an atmosphere of fantasy, which awakens our inner impulsivity and makes these moments even more special.

On the song, Sara Lew explains, “It’s about standing together in a relationship even in a heavy storm when everything else is falling apart around you. It’s about daring to experiment and be vulnerable and stand on new land together.

And though there still must be food on the table and the family must endure, to have the ability to seek refuge together in the very close moments, in love, in moments and special spaces of timeless being, where everything else is suspended. I wrote the song after a long summer holiday where there was finally some peace, after a long and intense period.”.

Sara Lew does vocals and plays guitar, Anders Filipsen takes care of keyboards/synths and Jeppe Gram is keeping the beat on drums–they’ve put together some great music for us.

Troels Bech Jessen and Casper Nyvang Rask, the sound and studio engineers helped record the track. It was a collaborative effort between them.

Sara Lew was the one behind this production and Nis Bysted of Iceage & Choir of Young Believers took care of the mixing and co-producing. Emil Thomsen did the mastering.

Her latest project LOUD (out in autumn 2023) dives into the concept of life and how it grows and changes over time.

It’s about when young adults are confronted with their past, and their family’s secret stories that have been hidden away. The shame and taboo culture often come bubbling up from the depths of the mind.

This looks at how to manage anger and sadness when life throws a curveball, how to provide guidance for your children in tough times, and how to keep the love going when life goes on as usual.

This album is all about appreciating life’s little moments, from the good to the unexpected. It encourages living in the moment with love for your stories and memories.

Sara got her schooling in electric guitar at the Rhythmic Music conservatorium in Copenhagen. Sara has dabbled in various music genres like jazz, singer-songwriter, alternative rock & indie-folk-rock through her career and is constantly pushing herself to grow musically.

Photos by Anders Graver and Sandra Vitayarat