Hailing from from Bromsgrove , Runrummer, AKA Livi Morris takes us into her freshly fascinating & relevant sonic realm, created around futuristic electro-pop bliss and a touch of 70s and 80s vibes, completed with clever lyrics dealing with complex subjects like gender identity, mental health and sexuality. This is her stunning new tune called ‘Penny Drop’.

The exciting London based artist reveals…”This song is about being in a relationship and suddenly realizing that something’s not right” explains Runrummer, AKA Livi Morris…”

She adds…”That ‘penny drop’ moment where suddenly everything makes sense and becomes clear, even if the conclusion is a negative one. It follows a story where two lovers realise it’s over, but at different points and in their own separate ways. The first verse follows the realisation of one person, and the the second verse follows the realisation of the other. The coffee shop represents this mythical place where you just want to run and escape to. Everyone has their own place of escapism and the coffee shop narrative tries to symbolise that. It’s a place to find calm and work things out.”