"I was trying to go all-out stylistically, to flesh out all the different places it could actually take me"
5 September 2023

Halifax-based musician Paul Murphy, known for his work as the frontman of Wintersleep, his latest project, POSTDATA, is a captivating journey that features the stunning track Run Wild.

In collaboration with acclaimed co-producer Joe Chiccarelli and a talented ensemble of musicians, Murphy sets sail on a musical odyssey that promises to redefine his creative horizons.

The forthcoming album’s title track Run Wild is a beautiful indie-folk gem that hits you right in the feels with its heartfelt lyrics.

The backdrop for this sonic adventure was none other than the iconic Bathouse studio in Ontario, Canada, famous for nurturing the sonic landscapes of The Tragically Hip. Over the course of five intense days, Murphy and Chiccarelli toiled for up to 15 hours a day, sculpting an album that defies genre constraints and transcends creative expectations.

The recording process for Run Wild was a collaborative effort, with drummer Jordan Murphy and bassist Keith Doiron (known for his work with Walrus) joining Murphy and Chiccarelli in their musical quest. Together, they laid the foundation for an album that deftly balances melodic finesse with raw, emotional power. Murphy’s vocals, the heart and soul of the project, were recorded from the cozy confines of his home in Halifax, adding a personal touch to every note.

Behind the mixing console was none other than the talented Matty Green, whose previous work with U2 and Dua Lipa showcases his ability to sculpt soundscapes that linger in the hearts and minds of listeners. Assisting in engineering the record was Nyles Spencer, whose impressive resume includes collaborations with The Tragically Hip, Kevin Drew, and July Talk. With such an amazing team on board, “Run Wild” was bound to be more than just your ordinary album— it was a total eargasm.

“I felt like it was time to take POSTDATA someplace new,” Murphy reveals. “I wanted to be a little more free with what it is, to explore its limitless potential. I was trying to go all-out stylistically, to flesh out all the different places it could actually take me. I wanted to give it more space, allow it to go wherever it needed to.”

Run Wild is an escape into a new world of colorful sounds that will make your ordinary day feel extraordinary.

The album Run Wild will be dropping on September 22 via Paper Bag Records.

Photo by Griffin O’Toole