FM premiere. Roy Lucian Baza presents ‘Finally Me’

It features an infectious pop rhythm, with Roy skillfully crafting melodies that surprise and captivate the listener
2 February 2024

At 28, Roy Lucian Baza, previously recognized in the music scene as Dom Baza, is capturing attention this Spring with the unveiling of his much-anticipated second album. His career, momentarily paused by a diagnosis of Glaucoma, showcases not just his perseverance but also serves as an inspiration, demonstrating his commitment to forward movement, inclusivity, and diversity within his musical endeavors.

2024 is a significant year for Roy Lucian Baza as he unveils his upcoming album, starting with the alt-pop anthem Finally Me. The path of self-discovery that Roy takes as both an artist and an individual is depicted in this soulful track. 

Drawing inspiration from the likes of The Weeknd, Bruno Mars, and Prince, Finally Me features an infectious pop rhythm, with Roy skillfully crafting melodies that surprise and captivate the listener.

“Finally Me is everything to me. I’m finally free, I’m Finally Me,” Roy expresses, highlighting the song’s significance in his personal and artistic growth. The anthem embodies the joy and emotion of self-realization, showcasing Roy’s distinct voice and sound. The inclusion of The Regiment Horns, known for their collaboration with Justin Timberlake, adds an extra layer of sophistication to the track, underscoring the craftsmanship evident throughout Roy’s music.

The collaboration with the talented producer Ben Wilkins on Finally Me signals a fresh and beautifully constructed modern pop song that leaves a lasting impression on its listeners. This single not only paves the way for the highly anticipated second album but also promises an exciting musical journey ahead for Roy Lucian Baza.

Roy’s debut album, Roy, launched last year, represented a crucial turning point in his musical career. The album mixed various genres within the pop landscape, showcasing Roy’s wide-ranging influences and producing a sound that resonated with a diverse audience.

Finally Me serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative power of music. Roy Lucian Baza’s story is one of overcoming adversity, embracing one’s true self, and celebrating diversity through the universal language of music