FM PREMIERE: ROWSIE unveils cinematic magic with ‘Willingness’

Directed by Carré Kwong Calloway and Mimi Supernova, ​i​s an immersive exploration of the band's ethos
5 December 2023

In the dynamic intersection of music and visual art, ROWSIE asserts itself as a formidable presence. Enchanting listeners with their audacious sounds and striking guitars, the quartet has recently revealed an visually arresting video for their strong track, Willingness, masterfully directed by the dynamic duo Carré Kwong Calloway (Queen Kwong) and Mimi Supernova.​ 

At the heart of this creative whirlwind is Willingness, a standout track from ROWSIE’s debut album, aptly titled ‘I.’ Written as a Roman numeral, the album serves as an invitation for audiences to explore the sonic and visual realms meticulously crafted by ROWSIE. The song has already carved a niche for itself as one of the band’s most popular tracks on streaming services, and the accompanying video elevates the auditory experience to new heights, transforming it into a visceral and cinematic spectacle.

Carré Kwong Calloway, renowned for her groundbreaking work with Queen Kwong, brings her signature visual flair to the project. Teaming up with the creative vision of Mimi Supernova, the collaboration results in a video that transcends the boundaries of conventional music visuals. In the swirling vortex of ROWSIE’s Willingness, minimalism takes center stage, leaving a haunting impact that lingers long after the final notes.

The visual narrative unfolds, leading viewers on a journey that transcends the world of ROWSIE into a realm where music and artistry are inseparable.​ ROWIE’s Willingness video, directed by Carré Kwong Calloway and Mimi Supernova, ​i​s an immersive exploration of the band’s ethos. 

Brace yourselves for a cinematic magic carpet ride into the haunting beauty of sound and vision, as ROWSIE continues to redefine the intersection of music and artistry.