Brighton based, eclectic music maker, Roman Scott, returns with his new single ‘Stuck In Paradise’, a smoothly delivered, electronic lounge pop-funk number.

Scott explains: “‘Stuck In Paradise’ came shortly after I’d heard ‘Me and Your Mama’ by Childish Gambino. At the time I’d been listening to a few different artists and they helped shaped the style of the track, but Gambino, Jungle and Tame Impala were at the forefront. Hearing ‘Cause I’m A Man’ by Tame Impala spurred the chorus, and the verses came after a heavy obsession with the latest Childish Gambino album…’Allured into a world that isn’t quite what you expected… You’re curious, but guarded. You release and let go, falling to a place you realise you can never leave. You’re addicted, and now stuck…in paradise.”