FM Premiere | Riva Taylor’s ‘Chaos Killed The Thrill’

Riva Taylor’s ‘Chaos Killed The Thrill’ works as the ideal follow-up track to her impressive debut offering called ‘My Mouth’. The song is a slice of pure and intense pop bliss.

Produced by Tim Bran, ‘Chaos Killed The Thrill’ focuses on the conflict emotions of “the loss of a fading relationship together with the optimism of a bright new beginning…”

Riva wrote ‘Chaos Killed The Thrill’ in Berlin soon after an intense break-up…and getting inspired by her favourite vase symbolically getting smashed in the process of leaving. “The shattered vase offered a real metaphor for the state of the relationship,” she reveals “It was so splintered by chaos and baggage, that there was one way it could end – by smashing! ‘Chaos Killed The Thrill’ is a hopeful song about coming to terms with a break-up and mending a fragmented heart. Sometimes you have to tear something apart and rebuild yourself to find a true meaning.”