FM premiere | RIDER ‘Hurts Me Too’ video

RIDER, the London based American born producer, premieres the perfect video for her relevant and inevitably alluring dream pop tune, called ‘Hurts Me Too’. A convincingly delicious and uplifting pop number, inspired by her depression and anxiety through sexual confusion…

RIDER explains: “I had fallen in love with a girl, which greatly damaged my relationship with my boyfriend at the time … I would have high hopes that our relationship would work and maybe I would even marry him. At the same time, I was dreaming about marrying this girl – I visualised having children with her somehow. I could see a life with her. I was so torn between what was right and what I was taught was wrong.”

She adds…”I grew up in a Christian family where I was taught that it’s evil to be in a relationship with a woman and true sacred love is only between a man and woman … I’m not sure if knowing it was wrong made me want it more. Perhaps so. I couldn’t deny that I was sometimes attracted to girls though…I didn’t want to burden my friends or talk to my Mum about my feelings, so I eventually plucked up the courage to find a therapist online. I found this perfect lady who specialised in relationships and whom also came from a spiritual background. We talked about everything … I cried a lot, I laughed and everything in-between. It was amazing and by the first session I was already feeling better. By the time we had our 6th session I knew that there was nothing else to talk about and that I had made up my mind about what I was going to do. I felt better, more positive and less anxious about it all”.

She continues…”Throughout this time, I felt depressed but I also felt liberated and was slowly gathering more strength. To this day, I recognise that this period in my life totally changed me and for the better. I am so much stronger for it and I know myself better too”.

RIDER’s ‘Hurts Me Too’ is released on Feb 23rd via Sapien Records Ltd