FM PREMIERE: ‘Remember’ – Allen Ling’s captivating voyage from heartbreak to healing

"It had been 3 plus years since ‘the break up’  but I still had to squeeze that last little bit of tragedy out of me"
1 November 2023

In the heart of California, Allen Ling, an artist with American-Chinese heritage, intimately understands how certain narratives transcend beyond mere melodies and lyrics, intricately weaving into the very fabric of the artist’s soul.

Ling, known for his multifaceted talents as a healthcare professional and a musician, is set to conclude his poignant trilogy with the release of Remember‘,  featuring the talented Dave Lopez from Oakland rap-rock band Flipsyde.

The trilogy, which began with Straight Into The Ocean and continued with A Name In Your Book, explores the intricate web of heartbreak, recovery, and healing. Remember serves as the final chapter, a breezy pop-rock jam that encapsulates the essence of Ling’s musical journey and personal growth.

Allen Ling opens up about the inspiration behind Remember‘ stating, “Remember is the final instalment of the heartbreak trilogy that began with ‘Straight into the Ocean’. I was listening to instrumental tracks with Dave Lopez at the Soundwave rehearsal studio. The one produced by Ed Claire stood out for me. I immediately started singing  a melody with lyrics at the same time with the instrumental track. It had been 3 plus years since ‘the break up’  but I still had to squeeze that last little bit of tragedy out of me.”

The collaboration with Dave Lopez, the renowned Guitarist/Producer from Flipsyde, adds a distinctive layer to Ling’s musical landscape. The chemistry between Ling and Lopez is palpable, creating a harmonious blend of pop-rock that resonates with the soul.

Ling’s ​music path began in his early years, where he wrote over 200 songs and led a 13-piece band by the age of 20. However, life took a different turn as he focused on his healthcare profession, running a successful Physical Therapy business.

A sudden healthcare crisis brought Allen Ling back to his musical roots, leading to a decade-long exploration of creative projects. Ling’s love for comic books and music converge in his trilogy of video singles, offering a personal and autobiographical glimpse into the artist’s heart.

Straight Into The Ocean, the first track of the trilogy, made waves at international film festivals, showcasing Ling’s ability to weave compelling narratives through both music and visuals. The video also features popular Ms. Marvel star Aramis Knight, known for his much-loved portal of the Kareem- Red Dagger alongside Ms. Marvel – Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani).  The follow-up, A Name In Your Book, served as a prequel, deepening the emotional resonance of the trilogy.

Remember stands as the culmination of this artistic journey, featuring credits that highlight the collaborative efforts of the talented individuals involved. Allen Ling takes the lead in vocals, melody, lyrics, and chords, while Dave Lopez’s guitars add a layer of sonic richness. Ed Clare’s synthesizers, Reto Peter’s drums, and Reto Peter’s meticulous mixing and sound engineering contribute to the seamless production of a musical gem.

Remember takes listeners on a captivating voyage from heartbreak to healing, eloquently narrated through the universal language of music.