FM PREMIERE: REIN shares ‘How’s It Gonna Be?’ – Unveiling the sonic tapestry of ‘GOD IS A WOMAN’

"I have always been fascinated by how powerful women are, that we can create life inside of our bodies"
12 October 2023

In a daring collision of genres, the rising avant-pop sensation REIN delivers a self-assured genre-melding cut with her latest single, How’s It Gonna Be?’. This is a tempting glimpse of her upcoming album, GOD IS A WOMAN, which will be released in November.

Heralding from the vibrant Swedish music scene, REIN injects a discordant undercurrent into the heart of How’s It Gonna Be?. Drawing inspiration from hyper-pop, IDM, post-punk, and new wave, the track weaves an unrelenting, genre-defying clash of complex soundscapes and introspective musings. REIN herself describes it as the opening chapter of the album, marking both the start of the end and the beginning of something greater.

Having first graced our consciousness with the acclaimed debut album REINCARNATED in 2020, REIN now returns with GOD IS A WOMAN. Collaborating with long-term partner, French DJ/producer Djedjotronic, she ventures into avant-pop territory, infusing edgy experimental underground dance floor undertones. The result is a transformative musical journey through dreamy, majestic otherworldly soundscapes—an album that orbits in a universe entirely its own.

The inspiration for GOD IS A WOMAN stems from Lennart Carlsson‘s captivating photographs in the photo book A Child Is Born. REIN, recalling her childhood impressions, envisions the fetus swimming in space and concludes, God has to be a woman. Her fascination with the power of women, coupled with reflections on history and religion, infuses the album with a profound narrative.

Explaining her stance, she says: “I have always been fascinated by how powerful women are, that we can create life inside of our bodies. I am also fascinated by history and religion. Like why have we as women been so oppressed for such a long time and still is to this day, I still can’t understand why. We should be the leaders of this world”.

In crafting the sonic tapestry of GOD IS A WOMAN, a rich and varied musical palette is employed, offering a reverential nod to influential figures like Robyn, Missy Elliot, Aaliyah, Eurythmics, The Prodigy, Depeche Mode, Christine and the Queens, Fever Ray, and Kraftwerk.​ Embedded in the dystopian reality of today and the artist’s personal experiences, the album is a transformative exploration of being.