FM PREMIERE: REIN drops ‘There’s No Tomorrow’

“It’s simply about dancing like there’s no tomorrow in a decadent blade runner night club from the future”
9th November 2023

Pioneering Avant-Pop and Post-Punk Fusion

Swedish avant-pop​ sensation REIN stands as a dynamic force, pushing boundaries and challenging conventions. As a precursor to her highly anticipated sophomore album, GOD IS A WOMAN,  REIN unveils the hypnotic club anthem, There’s No Tomorrow.

Building on the momentum of her recent single, How’s It Gonna Be?, There’s No Tomorrow effortlessly navigates through new wave, post-punk, hyper-pop, and IDM influences, creating a genre-defying clash of intricate soundscapes and introspective musings. REIN herself describes it as an invitation to “dance like there’s no tomorrow in a decadent Blade Runner nightclub from the future.”

REIN first graced our auditory senses with her acclaimed debut album, REINCARNATED, in 2020. Now, she returns with GOD IS A WOMAN, a second full-length release that sees her delving into the realm of avant-pop, accompanied by edgy experimental underground dance floor undertones. Collaborating once again with French DJ/producer Djedjotronic, the album orbits in a universe of its own, crafting dreamy and majestic otherworldly soundscapes.

The inspiration behind ‘GOD IS A WOMAN’ is as intriguing as its sonic exploration. REIN draws from Lennart Nilsson’s captivating photographs in the book ‘A Child Is Born,’ envisioning the fetus swimming in space and leading her to the conclusion that God must be a woman. Explaining her fascination with the power of women and the historical oppression they have endured, REIN remarks, “We should be the leaders of this world.”

The entire album takes listeners on a transformative journey, influenced by a diverse array of luminaries such as Robyn, Missy Elliot, Aaliyah, Eurythmics, The Prodigy, Depeche Mode, Christine and the Queens, Fever Ray, and Kraftwerk. Mirroring the dystopian world we live in today, ‘GOD IS A WOMAN’ is a carefully crafted love letter to REIN herself, celebrating her resilience as a lover who fearlessly embraces the risk of a broken heart.

REIN’s music is a mix of avant-pop and biblical metaphors, which aims to reflect her life and explore humanity in a playful yet profound way.

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