Bad Guy is a smooth but emotional rollercoaster, which is Reece Lemonius​’ style as he focuses on heart-sinking lyrics, soothing vocals and intricate elements that combine into this 808 wonder of a track.

The song delivers a non-classical pop song structure, with the production focused on the vocal and storytelling ability Lemonius brings up. Reece mixes in smooth but emotional music and his creations can be a cocktail of moody piano alongside synth sounds flying through the backing of an authentic, open lyricism that no-one else is doing that sweet at “05:00 in, in, in, in, in the morning“.

The artist seduces the listener by using the Atlanta 808 beat that is known as a classic, where he’s able to create the right feel for what’s about to happen.  Reece takes the listener on a journey by using two important things to keep the seduction going. Self reflection and poetry are those moments in this track and it’s repetition of both allows for not only great storytelling, but a track that shows Reece really isn’t a bad guy.