By Vee D

London based German enigmatic visual artist Psyrena premieres her Quarantella Rockefella EP. A stunning collection of sleek synth-pop gems, “all about keeping the spirit up during these sinister times”.

Psyrena explains: “Quarantella Rockefella is an EP with all the mixes of my three songs written during quarantine. Making music kept me sane during the lockdown. I normally write darker music in baroque pop, but this EP is just cheery and happy. It’s all about keeping the spirit up during these sinister times. I’d never imagined something like this could happen (shutting down performances, venues, and theatres), and it was really heartbreaking for me to see my shows canceled and see my fellow musicians losing their income, even moving away. Keeping on creating was also an opportunity to explore new media, Rainbows & Unicorns is about escapism into an animated dream world, Jedi Master is connecting with AI creators and make new friends all over the world, and Ring Ring Ring about connecting with Remixers. I embraced the limitations of staying at home and used the added time to utilize animation and AI, more than I normally would have done. I can’t wait to perform again.”