FM Premiere | President Street Showcase Vibrant Up-Tempo Number I FOUND ME

Australian band President Street are on the cusp of releasing their latest vibrant up tempo track I Found Me on September 20th. The track is an ode to relationships, with its open hearted lyrics expressing the joys of finding someone who gives you the motivation to be the best version of yourself, capturing perfectly the infatuation felt in the initial stages of a blossoming romance.  

The release of I Found Me follows on from a jam-packed year for this pop-fusion group. Having already released a successful string of singles, the collective toured the UK with an acoustic tour showing the stripped back side to President Street’s otherwise high energy and melodic music. Now returning to their homeland of Australia, President Street have been in the studio writing, recording and producing new material in the run up to their upcoming releases with I Found Me being the beginning point for this exciting era of President Street.  

Starting off with a relaxed guitar riff, the song quickly kickstarts as singer Ruby’s authoritative vocals packs a powerful punch to the opening stages of I Found Me. Her effortless tone glides through the verses, until they reach the chorus where they climax into this commanding force that really lifts the lyrics, giving them conviction and power as she sings “I didn’t know I was looking for you till I found me”. 

Mixed by the renowned musician, mixer and writer Ash Howes, I Found Me has all the foundations to become the anthem of Autumn. Howes, responsible for the works of Jack Savoretti and Annie Lennox has been the success story behind some of the music industry’s biggest artists, now applying his dexterity for mixing tracks for President Street’s very own release I Found Me.  

With the forthcoming release of I Found Me approaching on September 20th, for President Street the next step in their career is looking optimistic. With more music and tour dates in the pipeline, events don’t seem to be letting up for President Street anytime soon.