The aptly lush video – produced by Scruff of The Neck – for Post Rome’s smartly engaging pop gem called Different Kids, works as the perfect introduction to their sonic offering. Different Kids “reflects on old memories about being young, about having no money but still making the best memories of your lives and is essentially describing how as long as you are living your best life, nothing else should matter.”

The Sunderland trio, explain: “We got in touch with the guys at Scruff of the Neck for ideas for the music video, as well as for them to produce it. We knew that we wanted a high energy, eye catching, and impactful video that shows us off best. We wanted a professional video that captured us, and our song in the best like, and we believe we got that from the SOTN Team.”

“The colour scheme in the background matches our single artwork aswell as the them colour of the band (purple). This is something that we want to keep throughout the future releases of our singles, so there’s some continuity and the videos tie in together.”

“We knew that with the guys from Scruff of the Kneck, we’d be in for a long day with many repetitive shoots, they let us know this from the beginning. This didn’t stop us enjoying making the video and throwing ideas at the guys, Seb and Boone to think about and potentially tie in. ”