FM PREMIERE: Phephi unveils new and exciting song ‘Awake’

"Awake" was recorded when I found peace with my past and the situations in which I let myself stay too long."
28 April 2023

Phephi is a multi-talented creative artist with an impressive music background. Her origins stem from a musically inclined household in Nassau, Bahamas where she was born and raised.

She taught herself guitar in 6th grade and picked up the flute at the same time. Then in 11th grade, she started teaching herself piano so she could make her own beats.

She reveals: “I have been writing music before I can even remember. I have journals and journals of lyrics. I began adding chords to them when I learned guitar and soon after began producing my vocals on Logic Pro.

To this day, all of my vocals have been recorded in my childhood bedroom, my college dorm, and now, my apartment closet.”

Phephi drops off a chill and powerful beat with Awake, complete with lush harmonies, twinkling modulations, and fuzzy vocal cuts. She can really sing and she can tell stories with so much grace and allure.

Her latest single has intense emotions and provides you with a glimpse of her past relationships. This is enchanting, with catchy melodies and amazing lyrics as well as her signature R&B and Neo-Soul vibes. Taken together, they provide a fascinating and passionate experience.

Phephi wrote this song about her past relationships and the not-so-healthy relationships that she had. It’s a reflection of those experiences.

She dreamed of an old flame the night before recording the song and that’s how Awake came to life. This song looks deeply into the past and reminds us of the future. It connects with listeners and is absolutely in resonance with their feelings.

Phephi reveals: “Awake is about looking back at progress, specifically with relationships. “Awake” was recorded when I found peace with my past and the situations in which I let myself stay too long. “Awake” means so much to me because it has the ability to transport me back to this place of clarity each time I hear it. I hope that listeners are transported to a new timeline where they feel at peace with the way things are in that moment.”

If you love the sounds of BANKS, Etta Bond and Janelle Kroll, then Phephi‘s sonic kingdom is just right for you!

Photo by Hailey Birchfield of Strype Studios @HaileyBirchfield @StrypeStudios