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FM PREMIERE: Pauric O’Meara – Unveiling heartache and hope in new single ‘Adore’

"It is about how it feels to be loved conditionally, and the fight that we put up to achieve what we deserve"
30 November 2023

Adore by Dublin-based Pauric O’ Meara is a poignant revelation of personal heartache. Produced by the acclaimed Daniel De Burca, the track unveils Pauric’s tender side, combining delicate instrumentation with heartfelt, honest songwriting.

As the first of three upcoming singles, Adore opens with spacious guitar strums, subtle strings, and swelling processed vocal samples, setting the stage for Pauric’s emotive and effortlessly infectious vocals. The track takes listeners on a journey, gradually building with a swell of strings before bursting into a cinematic, melancholic chorus that soars with euphoric catharsis.

Pauric shares the personal inspiration behind Adore, describing it as a reflection on the struggles of being loved conditionally. The track captures the fight to achieve what one truly deserves and the emotional exploration of such a challenging position. The layers of strings bring the tension to life, transforming the song from a narrative to a visual and emotional experience.

“Adore is a personal heartache that made its way onto paper – says Pauric – It is about how it feels to be loved conditionally, and the fight that we put up to achieve what we deserve. For some, it works out for the better in the long run, for others, it just gets worse until there’s no going back. 

When we recorded this single initially, the tension of what the lyrics are portraying were not being felt to its fullest, which was felt by the entire band, as we could all relate to the story. The layers of strings bring this tension to life, and has made this personal song of mine from a story, to a visual and emotional exploration of how it feels to be in such a position.”

Cover art by Eoin Graham

The artist reflects on the transformative power of personal experiences, expressing that these moments make us stronger and lead to happiness in our own lives.

Pauric O’ Meara has already made a significant impact on the music scene, earning tastemaker support from RTE 2fm, Iradio, and TodayFm. Three of his singles have secured a place in the Irish Breakers Chart, solidifying his status as one to watch. With sold-out headline shows across Ireland and the UK, as well as opening for established acts like Swim Deep and Hudson Taylor, Pauric continues to leave his mark on stages big and small.

The singer-songwriter’s upcoming live dates include Monroes in Galway on December 2nd, Smiddys @the stables in Westmeath on December 23rd, the Academy Green Room in Dublin on March 2nd, and NHAC in London on March 7th (TBA). These performances promise to be a dynamic showcase of Pauric O’ Meara’s evolving sound and lyrical depth, making each date a must-see for music enthusiasts.

As Pauric O’ Meara gears up for a big end to the year with Adore and more new material in the pipeline, audiences can anticipate an emotional and uplifting journey through the artist’s evolving narrative.