FM PREMIERE: Park Days delves into heartache with ‘Hearts Take A Very Long Time To Heal’

"It's about worrying about the future and dealing with uncertainty when there doesn't seem to be an immediate resolution"
10 November 2023

Entering the limelight with his solo endeavor, Park Days, Sam Thrussell, one of the architects behind Dutch Criminal Record, unveils the project’s newest single, Hearts Take A Very Long Time To Heal. This track seamlessly fuses indie-pop artistry with poignant lyricism, showcasing a captivating blend of musical craftsmanship.

Fresh off the heels of Dutch Criminal Record’s EP, ‘Apathy Mixtape, Sam Thrussell showcases his songwriting prowess with a track that seamlessly weaves simplicity and infectiousness. The song, characterized by a tight guitar-led backdrop, swaying drums, and subtle keys, is elevated by Sam’s emotive vocals, providing the listener with a clear sense of direction and a commercial hook that’s impossible to ignore.

In the realm of production, Hearts Take A Very Long Time To Heal embraces a boxy, understated aesthetic that draws immediate comparisons to indie giants like The Strokes. This infusion of bedroom-pop-come-indie-rock adds a unique edge to the song’s melancholic tone, creating a musical experience that is both nostalgic and fresh.

Sam Thrussell delves into the inspiration behind the track, citing The Magic Gang’s ‘Alright’ as a catalyst. The song reflects the anxieties of the future and the struggle with uncertainty when resolutions seem distant. Originally conceived as a gentle acoustic piece in 2020, the song took a new dimension in the studio, with the addition of a vibraphone part suggested by Rob Quickenden. This ethereal quality, noticeable from the second verse onward, pays homage to Nick Drake’s iconic use of the instrument in Saturday Sun from his debut album Five Leaves Left.

Reflecting on the evolution of the track, Thrussell, shares, “Hearts Take A Very Long Time To Heal is an old track inspired by The Magic Gang song Alright. It’s about worrying about the future and dealing with uncertainty when there doesn’t seem to be an immediate resolution. It was written in 2020 and was initially a really gentle acoustic song. When in the studio Rob Quickenden suggested I add a vibraphone part which I had great fun playing (you can hear it from the second verse onwards). It has a real ethereal quality and was used by one of my favourite writers Nick Drake on Saturday Sun from his debut album Five Leaves Left!”

As an artist, Thrussell, has already tasted success with his debut release Down and Out and his contributions to Dutch Criminal Record. The list of achievements includes sell-out tours across the UK and Europe, national radio play on BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 6 Music, and Radio X.

With Hearts Take A Very Long Time To Heal, Park Days is not only continuing to build on its past successes but is also establishing itself as an exciting up-and-coming indie-pop artist in its own right.