FM Premiere: OLI Reveals Synth Scaping New Single WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU

By Vasco Dega

23 year old London based singer-songwriter OLI has returned with her sensational second single What Happened To You and we’re thrilled to be exclusively bringing you the first look along with it’s retro, ballroom inspired visuals.

Tapping into the deep feeling of being betrayed by a friend, What Happened to You? examines an often overlooked type of relationship breakdown. With a hard hitting chorus, full of sparse yet pounding bass tones and soundscaping layers of synths, piano and vocals, it’s a song that oozes catharsis at every moment.

The accompanying video, beautifully shot in an empty ballroom, solemnly captures the shattering nature of the song. OLI is seen alone, centre staged singing to an empty crowd, capturing the aching feeling of loneliness found at the heart of the song.

Speaking of the new single, OLI said: “I really wanted to do a song about a friend and not a partner. I just feel like betrayal can be so much deeper with a friend and really shatter you. Sadly, I think a lot of people have been through this and you really do find yourself asking what happened to you?? Maybe you won’t cry yourself to sleep every night but It’s a different kind of sadness.”