FM premiere | Occultists’ F600 ‘Glue’

“Emerging from the darkness we’ve found the light.”… James Demon’s techno project Occultists, premiere F600’s ‘Glue’, a standout cut from the ‘Subsoil’ EP. The track is a slice of his darkly hypnotic merge of the occult, magic, dance and techno rapture…”A conscious and spiritual movement of esoteric knowledge and techno music.”

SUBSOIL…”The basement of the world, where a confident and colorful swarm of restless and dark insects stir without friction or conflict.
Under every accepted lie, a truth that beats out expands to blow the silence with violent and disturbing beauty.”

SUBSOIL…”That inner stage where nested feelings of all kinds, from the perversion to unexpected desire. That place governed by emotions, feelings, desires, by the irrational and by everything that has been repressed for some reason; transforming the conscience into a double-edged sword that accounts for the inner discomfort suffered by all those who realize of the broken link between the human being and nature.”