The Norwegian boyband NorthKid are sounding on great form with their feelgood pop single ‘Give Me A Call’, which is out through the independent label Sailor Music. It’s the group’s third single release to date, and captures a rock-tinged vibe that comes alive throughout the track’s duration.

They say: “The song was born on a late Saturday night while waiting for a call which never came. It ended up with me lying in bed all night just looking at my phone hoping she would call. She never did, not even a text to cheer me up, so I ended up writing ‘Give Me a Call’ instead. I’m not desperate or anything, but you know who you are, and you still have my number if you’re looking for love.”

We are pleased to premiere the tune’s official video today, which is a colourful, funky visual that features the band’s own dance moves. It perfectly sums up the romantic theme of ‘Give Me A Call’, and we’re watching it on repeat for that Friday feeling.

By Holly Frith