FM PREMIERE: ‘None of Your Business’ by Matilde G

"It takes courage to be original, and sometimes it make you feel lonely, but it's worth it”
15 September 2023

Singapore-based Italian pop sensation Matilde G is a breath of fresh air. At just eighteen years old, she’s making waves with her unique sound and fearless individuality. Matilde G‘s latest release, None of Your Busines” is more than just a catchy pop anthem—it’s a powerful call to arms for authenticity and self-expression.

None of Your Business was co-written by Matilde G, along with Josefin Glenmark and Gustav Efraimsson, is an infectious, gutsy pop track that celebrates the strength of being true to oneself.

Produced by the Swedish company The Kennel AB, None of Your Business is accompanied by a visually stunning music video directed by a Sicilian team, led by producers Giuseppe Vergopia and Graziano Piazza. The video features enchanting choreography by Daniel Collins, and Matilde G dazzles in eccentric pop queen outfits styled by Lorena Grisalfi.

Matilde G resists external pressures and proudly embraces her uniqueness in a world where societal expectations often stifle individuality.

Matilde explains: “I want this song to be a lighthouse for those navigating the pitfalls of others’ judgments that cage their true selves and influence their choices”

“If I had conformed, I wouldn’t have developed my artistic personality. It takes courage to be original, and sometimes it make you feel lonely, but it’s worth it.”

Matilde G‘s remarkable journey began in Rome, Italy, but it’s in Singapore that she’s blossomed into a captivating artist with a growing international fan base.

Her dedication to music has taken her to stages around the world, from Italy to Singapore, Japan to the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia to the Maldives. Her versatility and adaptability as a performer earned her the prestigious “MUSIVV Award 2023” in Dubai as “the best singer residing outside the Middle East.”

Adding to her growing list of accolades, Matilde G was invited to perform as a special guest artist at Hard Rock Hotels across their resorts in Southeast Asia, solidifying her marketability and appeal to a wide audience. Taking the stage at the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix in 2023 will further strengthen her status as a sought-after artist.

Matilde G is a cool pop artist who is exploring her own unique path. She’s all about embracing who you are and not being afraid to stand out. Keep it real, be yourself, that’s what she champions!