FM Video Premiere | Noah Taylor’s LOVE YOU A LOT

Excitingly talented 17-year-old singer and songwriter Noah Taylor, gives us a taste of his forthcoming debut album, with the perfect video for lushly convincing pop gem called Love You A Lot.

Taylor explains: “Songwriting has given me the opportunity to work with so many talented people and travel super often. I’m constantly moving, and when I do have time to relax in one place, I tend to lock myself away in a studio writing for hours, sometimes days, on end. I wrote ‘Love You a Lot’ as a way to tell someone that I acknowledge how my lifestyle could make it difficult for them to feel loved by me, even though I do. It’s a bittersweet song that’s meant for people to dance to, but the lyrics recognize that people are complicated and sometimes loving someone a lot isn’t enough for a happy relationship. This song, simply put says “I care about you, but I can’t always be around, and I understand if that isn’t enough.”

Noah Taylor’s first studio album Love You A Lot was produced by Avery Bzdyk, and is expected to arrive later this year.