FM premiere. Noah Solt shares ‘Dawn’

"I was inspired by a powerful, unobstructed sunrise and a full-sky gradient of the morning star chasing the night westward"
28 February 2024
Photo by Paul Lukes

A prelude to debut album ‘Big Water,’ merging deep human themes with the legacy of Muscle Shoals

Noah Solt returns with his latest offering, Dawn, released by Starita Records. This track explores deep human themes, wrapped in a sound that echoes the rich heritage of the Muscle Shoals’ FAME Studio band, The Slow Burners. It acts as a precursor to his much-anticipated debut album, Big Water, which promises a deeper journey into introspection and hope.

Dawn builds on the success of Solt’s earlier works, Spheres, After All, The Fold, and Ever Been, which have received critical praise and secured spots on over 2.3K Spotify playlists in the realms of contemporary chamber pop and acoustic rock. Admirers of Led Zeppelin will appreciate the similar rock and folk elements present in Dawn.

Originating from the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Solt’s journey took him from a promising education at Berklee College of Music to the adventurous life of a professional sailor amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The ocean’s grandeur and raw force greatly inspired his music, especially while composing the tracks for Big Water, which lyrically and musically reflect life’s transitions and the beauty found in its varied phases.

Solt began composing Dawn while navigating the Atlantic, moved by the majestic sunrises and the spectrum of dawn’s light. The song symbolizes life’s inherent contrasts and challenges, highlighting the beauty within life’s light and dark moments.

Photo by Paul Lukes

Starita, the album’s producer, infused Dawn with elements reminiscent of jam band music and aimed for a climactic, expansive sound in the track’s finale. He wanted Solt’s voice to embody the power of an echo across mountain ranges, drawing inspiration from traditional vocal techniques used in the Gansu region near Tibet.

The track also features enchanting, story-like flute melodies. Solt hopes this song will open new perspectives for listeners, mirroring the awe of watching the sunrise from the horizon.

“I began writing this song while sailing across the Atlantic ocean,” Solt reveals. “I was inspired by a powerful, unobstructed sunrise and a full-sky gradient of the morning star chasing the night westward. The song is a metaphor about human nature – the brightest sun casts the darkest shadow, and the darkest night has the most beautiful stars. Life is filled with contrast and challenges; there is beauty and value in both the light and dark moments.” 

“The track ‘Dawn’ incorporates essential aspects of jam band styles, a deliberate choice by the album’s producer, Starita. He shares that the track, “…builds into a huge jam at the end and I wanted Noah’s vocals to sound as if he was screaming from a mountain top. The yodeling quality that we built upon at the end is similar to other productions I’ve done with an artist from the Gansu area of China near Tibet. The men herd the sheep up through the high mountain tops while the women farm in the valleys. They communicate through a form of yodeling and singing from the mountain and valley.”

Solt adds: As an artist, I wanted to capture the feeling of a sun tearing up over the eastern horizon as the sky turns. I hope when fans listen to this song, it cracks a door open for them.”