FM Premiere | Munkey Junkey’s CUT ME OFF

Hot on the heels of his previous release, electronic artist and producer Munkey Junkey is back to turn heads with the release of his latest single Cut Me Off.

It’s another strong release from the eclectic artist. Once again unafraid to amalgamate genres, Munkey Junkey has produced a fresh new track that blends pop, funk and rock tendencies, reminiscent of 21 Pilots and The 1975. Swaying electric guitars melt into punchy dynamic production to kick off the track with emboldened electronica and deep synths carrying the track to its conclusion. Not to mention sprinkles of acoustic guitars to add texture.

With Cut Me Off, Munkey Junkey laments over a relationship that has gone downhill. Adapting to different musical moods, it’s his melodic vocals which tie the track together. Cut Me Off is an anthem for relieving yourself of things that are a hindrance. Put simply by him “The song is about getting over an ex, even though there’s going to be loose ends.”