Mr. Koifish’s ‘The End’ comes with a cleverly unsettling visual – directed by Kræsten Kusk DOP – to support this cinematic & intriguing trip-hop interpretation…”Letting the stress flow off your back”.

Morten Køie’s (from Danish ‘Best Live Band’ Turboweeken) new project, “It’s the place – explains Morten’ – where I can fit all my inspirations, personality and my sweet friends in music into one big family of sounds. And in this track I pay homage to my great love of trip-hop and I also indulge myself with a nice big helping of auto-tune too. Let’s have some fun!…”

Interestingly, ‘The End’ features special vocals by Køie’s wife Sofie Hannibal, who was pregnant with their first child at the time of the recording.