morrissey-marshallMorrissey & Marshall – Dublin modern day troubadours Darren Morrissey and Greg Marshall – endure their releasing of charmingly honest and soulful tunes, once more with ‘Love & Be Loved’, out on Friday November 11. The new single is accompanied by this pertinently stunning video, shot around London by James Skerritt.

“A couple of years ago – explains Morrissey – I was asked to write a song for a charity which catered to drug rehabilitation clinics around the U.K. and Ireland… ‘Love & Be Loved’ is what I came up with. The message in this song is simple – “you’re not alone, sure I wrote you a song”. I genuinely believe that music is a healer and my main reason for writing is to reach out, if even only to one person in the hope of easing a troubled time or a heart ache. My favourite songs to write are ones with a message of positivity and love and we all feel that now is the right time to release this track…

In our heads, we all saw this one as a potentially huge production, so that’s exactly what we did. Along with the incredible band who usually play on our recordings, we brought in a string section, brass and even a choir (seriously, listen to that female voice screaming out after the first chorus – she’s something else).”

Photo by Jessica Flavin