Photo by Seraphina Taylor

FM premiere. ‘More Than Enough’ by Lady Bird Lad – An evocative blend of melancholy and elevation in folk-pop

"It speaks to the heart of anyone who has felt overwhelmed by their memories or circumstances, reminding them that they are always sufficient, just as they are"
19th January 2024

Conceived by Harry Hudson-Taylor, formerly of the Irish folk-Americana duo Hudson Taylor, Lady Bird Lad transcends beyond being merely a musical project. It embodies a deep exploration into the core of human emotions, encapsulated in a world of harmonious storytelling and emotionally resonant musical articulation.

Relocating to Berlin, Harry Hudson-Taylor, has immersed himself in a new cultural milieu, evidently influencing his latest creations. His evolution as an artist is clearly showcased in his second single, More Than Enough, which serves as an introduction to his upcoming debut extended-play, set to be released on March 1, 2024.

More Than Enough‘s unique sound experience is achieved through the combination of melancholy and an upbeat rhythm. It’s a showcase of his passion for music, blending powerful lyrics with captivating instrumentation.​ The song features a rich array of sounds, from synths to strings, and a mixture of nylon acoustic guitar with electric and acoustic drums.

The track was born out of a lockdown collaboration with Belfast artist Jack Devlin. Initially intended for Devlin’s project, the session birthed not just More Than Enough but also Dialogue’. The songs were developed remotely, symbolizing the transformative power of digital collaboration.

​The collaborative ​essence​ of The production of More Than Enough is a narrative in itself. Lady Bird Lad shaped the song to about 75% completion before bringing in Brian Speaker (Speakersonic) for the finishing touches. The drums, played by Tom Osander, known for his work with Damien Rice, add a distinct layer to the track. Additionally, significant contributions came from Lady Bird Lad’s partner, Seraphina Taylor, in backing vocals and lyrical inputs.

Photo by Seraphina Taylor

Lady Bird Lad describes​ ​t​he​emotional ​core​ of More Than Enough as a song that delves deep into the struggles of self-doubt and emotional hardship, offering solace and a message of self-acceptance. It’s a musical embodiment of empathy and support, echoing the universal need for connection.

Regarding the song, Lady Bird Lad comments: “‘More Than Enough’ is a poignant and empathetic song that delves into the universal struggles of self-doubt and emotional hardship, while simultaneously offering a message of unwavering support and self-acceptance. To me, this song signifies the journey of recognizing one’s inherent worth, even amidst life’s toughest challenges. It speaks to the heart of anyone who has felt overwhelmed by their memories or circumstances, reminding them that they are always sufficient, just as they are. The emotional tone of the song is nurturing and supportive, akin to a compassionate friend or guide offering solace and understanding in difficult times. The song resonates deeply with me and I use it as a bit of a self-healing tool as well, as it mirrors the essential human need for connection and empathy.”

Under the alias Lady Bird Lad, Harry Hudson-Taylor intricately blends a diverse range of musical influences. He combines the eerie tunes of Elliot Smith and the intense emotional depth of Damien Rice with Ben Howard’s storytelling prowess and the complex musical landscapes created by Conor O’Brien’s Villagers. This fusion of elements forms an extraordinary and unique presence within the folk-pop genre.

With the impending release of the More Than Enough EP, Lady Bird Lad is on the brink of a thrilling new phase in his musical voyage. Transitioning from the harmonious collaboration in Hudson Taylor to the deep, personal exploration as Lady Bird Lad, this shift heralds an innovative and invigorating era in indie-folk music. The anticipation builds towards March 1st, the day Lady Bird Lad reveals his complete artistic expression in his much-awaited debut EP.