Molly Moore is already making waves and “making sense of life” as ½ of the duo Cosmos & Creature with EMAN8 (Brandyn Burnette). Now, the LA-based artist, glows with a slice of powerful avant-garde pop, with new single ‘Be Here Now’.

“It’s been fun – explains Molly – to experiment with my voice/sound and find new ways to sing that feel authentic to me. There’ve been times I was encouraged to sing “femininely” or softly and I wanted to embrace the aggression that was there instinctual. I’ve been playing a bunch with a super inspiring bass player named Maddie jay & she played on this track along with Jesse McGinty on trumpet/saxophone & Parisian producer Besnine…”

She adds: “I wrote this at the end of last year about constantly chasing something that brings you out of the present moment. I’m always working, and that can leave me feel void of actually living, and taking in the experience I’m creating for myself. I recently have been going through the hardest time in my life since my father’s unexpected passing in April. This song is extremely relevant to me now as I see everything through a completely new perspective. It’s easy to become so distracted that you lose sight of what’s in front of you. I’ve started to really realize how important it is to spend time connecting with people on a deeper level, in every moment.