FM PREMIERE: Michael Hamilton shines with the darkly engaging single ‘In Spite Of Everything’

"I really just wanted to make a track that was chock-full of the ear candy"
2 February 2023

Glasgow-based Michael Hamilton is an exceptional composer and producer. He’s capable of making music that ranges from delicate and exquisite to powerful and vibrant. His music can fill you up with a range of emotions and will leave your ears tingling.

Hamilton has a new album called A Language Forever coming out on April 14th via Monotreme Records, The first song dropped off that album is In Spite Of Everything – a darkly engaging, glitch-hop track that is available now, released via Monotreme Records. Whether you’re looking for a bit of motivation to get ready for a night out or just want something to mellow out your Sundays, In Spite of Everything has got you covered.

Hamilton told us: In Spite of Everything is one of the sonically darker moments on the record, but it’s actually quite a playful, kind of indulgent track for me. I really just wanted to make a track that was chock-full of the ear candy that I love so much from Neuro and Glitch Hop tunes but putting my own spin on it by placing it next to a lot of acoustic instruments like pianos and strings. Fun fact: that squelchy percussion in the high end was made from a recording of me rolling chopped onion skins around in my hands, a sound design trick I learned from KOAN Sound.”

Michael Hamilton‘s latest release, A Language Forever, was produced in a classic DIY style. He recorded and wrote it all himself at his home in Glasgow, playing every single instrument and programming it all too. Just like with his past releases, he stuck to what he knows best.

The album’s sound fuses Midas Fall’s music with his own to create a unique electronic style. It’s a mix of Dubstep, Glitch and IDM plus some dancey and experimental grooves.

Remixes from this album come from farfromnorth, Ross Somerville, Innblásin – all Glasgow-based producers. Plus, the familiar face of Ross Cairns who also worked on mixing and mastering for this project.

Hamilton has a wide range of musical styles from classical vintage synths, and he even shreds 8-string guitars like a metal artist.

He is multi-talented – he creates his own art, produces music with Ross Cairns, and composes soundtracks for video games and films. In addition to his composing work, Michael also does session musician gigs, working with renowned artists all over the world. He’s currently the bassist for Midas Fall, a post-rock band that won the Progressive Music Awards.

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