FM Premiere: MAX ARMFIELD Creates Cinematic Soundscapes In BLUE

By Frank Bell

Young creative, Max Armfield, has revealed a new release that distills calmness, but also shows off how talented he is.  

Since lockdown, Max has kept himself busy with the creation of a YouTube channel that has a mixture of music videos, music production videos as well as any educational video he can think of to help the music community.  This has been Max’s main project for the last six months, but BLUE brings the element of excitement for him as he writes about a relationship in decline.

This latest effort is the artist’s way of turning his hobby into a full time job, with passion at the core of his music.

BLUE creates a feeling of a new beginning, being let go of the troubles that were being caused and seeing the stress melt away, whilst cool beats produce a playful vibe that allow Max to bring his narrative to new audiences.