‘Grow and Fade’, the latest LP from Swiss masters of the “poetics of melancholy” – the trio known as Marylane – is set to drop this Friday. I’m not sure if this was intended or it was merely a scheduling coincidence, but this really is the perfect soundtrack and segue into our forthcoming, seasonal gloom.

We feel very honoured to be able to premiere this wonderful long player along with the second video instalment from what will soon be a beautiful triptych.

‘Grow and Fade’ is an introspective affair straight through. It’s a hermetic world of complex, troubling emotions of all different shades and hues. It’s a lot like smoking, but without the health hazards: the soundtrack produces both an intense pleasure and a mild discomfort simultaneously. To be fair, we don’t endorse smoking! We’re well aware of the fact that it’s really bad for you. We just happen to come from a time before e-cigarettes, when smoking still had an aura of glamour. Hell! All of our icons smoked! Anyway, back to this gem of a release (pardon that off-kilter digression). If you’re ready to descend into the lower decks of your consciousness and take a trip down memory lane, especially the section that’s paved with cobalt-blue, cool cobble stones – this might be the perfect record for you.


Photos by Angelika Annen